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Producing Portable Massage Rollers to Keep You on the Go!

A long day at the office and a hearty workout both build tension in your body. There is no time or space in a busy work area for a full-body stretch. That's where we come in.

Roll and Go makes massage rollers designed around portability, so you can dig in and massage your muscles any time, any where.

Relieve stress on your muscles and tendons, targeting shoulders, back, legs, arms, neck, and even the muscles in your hands and feet!

Relax Your Muscles

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Gain Your Strength

Roll and Go Logo

Founded in November 2016 by Steven Williams and Jessica Schultz, Roll and Go is built on their passion for the outdoors and improving the quality of life of those they interact with.

Jessica, an avid backpacker, noticed that she needed something that she could take along on hikes because her other massage devices were far too bulky to pack.

hidden=hidden Jessica and Steven have built Roll and Go around the mantra of portability, versatility, usability, and customizability. They also value the environment, so they make sure to source their materials locally and manufacture their products using environmentally friendly materials.

Unleash Your Inner Power