(                 ,###.
             )                .,.##
            (  (              \=__/
                )             ,'-'.
          (    (  ,,      _.__|/ /|
           ) /\ -(_()----((_|___/ |
         (  // | (`'      ((  `'--|
       _ -.;_/ \\--._      \\ \-._/.
      (_;-// | \ \-'.\    <_,\_\`--'|
      ( `.__ _  ___,')      <_,-'__,'
       `'(_ )_)(_)_)'

Money can be thought of as a fire.

Both grow exponentially (to a point), and both can be problematic if there's too much or too little.

Here's how I equate them:

$10,000,000Brush Pile

$1 will keep you from dying or being uncomfortable right now.

$10 will keep you warmer for a bit longer, but there's still a big risk of discomfort.

$100 has more potential for greater warmth and comfort, given more materials are available. It also needs to be treated differently than $10.

$1,000 is the indication that something has started. It needs to be treated differently than the rest, given a bit more love and tenderness but it really has the potential to grow. It also may require different methods of procurement.

$10,000 Shows that you're on the right track, but it's easy to get caught up in the spending and having it burn up quickly. Given the right tending, it's possible to have it last for a while and grow even more.

$100,000 Gives you something that can last a bit longer than $10,000, regardless of what happens out there.

$1,000,000 Shows that you've mastered the system and that you're able to have plenty of warmth whenever you need it. You can obtain tools or food no matter what. This requires different methods of investment as well as there are many small things that can take time to utilize.

$10,000,000 gives more than enough heat. You're still able to get tools and whatnot, but it takes a bit more work to manage it. Not impossible, just more work.

It sounds like a lot of money equating to a little amount of warmth, but there's a lot of money out there, and there's no reason you can't make some yourself.